The footage then offers a shot of Judy Greer’s character Karen, still in the Christmas sweater she was wearing in 2018’s Halloween. She may or may not be arming up, as the three generations of Strode women failed to kill Michel when they trapped him in Laurie’s basement. And after catching up with that character, another OG appears for the first time: Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards was a young girl when she starred as Lindsey Wallace in John Carpenter’s Halloween. She was one of the kids Laurie saved from The Shape, and Richards is now reprising her role all these decades later. Richards is now best known for staring in Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, to which she’s been a series regular for all ten seasons.

This footage also shows an absolutely epic shot of Michael Myers himself, whose mask is now charred from his time burning alive in Laurie’s basement. And finally we’re shown a third returning character: Anthony Michael Hall who is playing an adult version of Tommy Doyle. He’s got a bat in hand, likely arming up to find Michael and defend Haddonfield.


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