When Joe (22) Was Watching Connie Play Her Solo

22 was ready to give up being in Joe’s body because she hated the world around them, and then all of a sudden, they get a knock on their door – Connie, one of Joe’s students, wants to quit. 22, at first, is supportive of this because she doesn’t find passion in anything (except pizza at this point), but once she sees Connie practice a piece before “quitting,” she gets lost in the music, watching this young girl blow her heart out, showing she has some real talent and just wants the encouragement she deserves.

But the sweeter part was when 22, someone who didn’t think she could ever have passion, sees that and acknowledges that if someone like Connie, who wanted to quit and didn’t, could find her own spark again, then so could she. Such a great way to show the reigniting of a spark.


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