There’s plenty of content coming out of the NBA’s bubble – entire twitter accounts are devoted to it. But what’s the feeling from inside the Jazz locker room?

The crew is back to answer questions on life in Orlando. Joe, Renae, and Aaron dish on testing, alligators, and team camaraderie.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s episode:


5:40 — Thoughts on bubble life

18:00 — Why Joe chose to wear ‘Ally’ on the back of his jersey

27:35 — Options for entertainment in the bubble

35:00 — Crazy things mailed into the bubble

39:00 — Joe does a Rudy impression

43:05 — How Aaron’s job has changed in Orlando

45:20 — Learning about Jordan Clarkson

1:00:35 — How Renae is handling life with the kids

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