How Pixar’s Soul Ended

Joe gets in the zone to return to the Great Before or the You Seminar. He then learns that 22 has become a lost soul because she has become obsessed with what Joe last told her and repeatedly being told by the You Seminar Mentors that she was not good enough to live, a fear 22 expressed to Joe earlier in Soul. Joe sees lost soul 22 and then proceeds to chase her as she continues to grow larger.

Eventually, Joe sees that 22 is consumed by the idea that she is not good enough to live. To bring the original 22 back, Joe gives her a maple seed that reminds 22 of her time on Earth. 22 turns back to normal and Joe gives her her Earth pass. Before 22 goes to Earth, Joe accompanies her as far as he can. Then he heads for his place in line for the Great Beyond, but Jerry (Alice Braga) stops him and tells him that he inspired the Jerrys, so he gets a second chance at life.


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