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For what it is worth, HBO Max has one of the biggest and most versatile collection of movies on any streaming service out there, with literally thousands of movies ranging all genres, languages, and time periods. Where else can you watch Wonder Woman 1984 and then immediately jump into something like City of God or Modern Times? But deciding on what to watch (I mean after you jump into the latest addition to the DCEU) is no easy task and it isn’t hard to find yourself lost in the library of cinema’s greatest achievements. That’s where we come in.

Whether you are a new subscriber who jumped on the HBO Max train ahead of all the Warner Bros. releases, someone who has been with the service since day one, or someone who is finally able to access everything after the Roku deal was worked out, here are a couple dozen movies to enjoy on the streaming service. From superhero epics to romantic comedies, here are some of the best movies on HBO Max.


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