Wondering if you should invest in a pair of expensive glasses that introduce you to the luxe life? We know it isn’t always easy to find state-of-the-art eyewear brands that sell rare pairs that feel worth it. If you’re on the hunt for bold eyewear that’s well worth the price, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at our favourite pairs and what makes them worth it. 

Are luxury, expensive glasses worth every penny?

Absolutely. Luxe eyewear brands aren’t considered ‘luxurious’ for no reason. Expensive glasses can serve as a timeless and rare investment piece.

Prestigious prescription glasses and sunglasses are always made with intricate detail and first-class materials. They are mindfully crafted with style, durability, and superior style. These luxury brands don’t just make glasses, they make wearable pieces of art. 

Thierry Lasry Eyewear

Thierry Lasry eyewear is inspired by ‘80s Parisian style and will honour and strengthen your self-identity through elevated designs. This luxury eyewear brand goes beyond the standard for designer labels and is born to stand out. 

Let your eyes do the talking in these Thierry-Lasry-Nemesy transparent pink cat-eye frames. These statement glasses will make you feel heard without saying a word. There’s no colour that is as soft or feminine as pink, and you will feel fierce, bold, and classy when combined with a dramatic cat-eye style. 

LA Eyeworks

As LA Eyeworks says, “A face is like a work of art, it deserves a great frame.” This daring company was founded in Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles to create artistic pieces that compliment people’s individual personalities. 

Keep yourself in check with a pair of checked, everyday glasses. There’s no design more perfect for school or work than the LA-Eyeworks-Arrow. Stand out in these frames with courageous confidence while you showcase your unique style. 

Mr Leight 

Designed in California, Mr Leight eyewear intertwines classic and modern styles to create sleek masterpieces. Their expertise and quality craftsmanship make them one of the most luxury eyewear brands on the market. Discover the Mr Leight collection for fresh, modern pieces that help you beam with personality.

Stay cool, calm, and collected with these Mr Leight Stanley C Demi Tortoise sunglasses. These classic frames bring a sense of class and elegance with their sleek design and contrasting colour hue. If you’re looking for a posh, modern design, this look is for you. 

Leisure Society 

If you want glasses with ultra-class, the Leisure Society collection should be your go-to. The affluent brand envisions living a life that is full of leisure and opulence. This brand produces its frames with the utmost luxurious components, such as titanium frames and 24k gold plating. If you’re a lover of the finer things in life, then look no further than Leisure Society. 

Nothing screams luxury eyewear more than these Leisure Society Adamson Grey 12K Silver glasses. The delicately crafted frames are made with the finest attention to detail with ultra slimline arms. If you’re on the search for a trendy, unique blend of excellence and richness, then you’ve found your dream pair. 


Cari Zalloni, whose eyewear designs became legendary in the ‘80s, is unrivalled when it comes to expressing passion through design. With inspiration from classic hip-hop, Cazal glasses are extraordinary. 

These Cazal 6020/3 sunglasses are the epitome of luxury. Their extravagant black and gold frames with ombre lenses make you feel bold and help you stand out from the crowd. Discover more legendary Cazal designs to transport back in time. 

Find your next pair of luxury glasses

If you’ve loved our luxury eyewear guide and want to discover more hidden treasures, discover our full selection of luxury eyeglasses and sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses! Before you commit to a pair, be sure to use our Virtual Try-On feature to ensure you look your best. 

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