Designer Lorne Sleem has fond childhood memories watching the Utah Jazz play in-person, but more recently has enjoyed the fandom carried to the next generation, to his son.

“Watching the Jazz is something we do as a family, so being able to spend time together doing that again has been really fun. It’s also been very moving and inspiring to witness the NBA and the players join the fight for racial equality,” said Sleem.

Sleem’s designs, although fashionable, are meant to communicate a specific message, to showcase personality and convey particular interests. When approached to participate in the We Are With You campaign, Sleem saw two meaningful routes.

“Although we aren’t physically present in the arena cheering for our players, we are still representing them, rooting for them, shouting their names and wearing our team colors,” said Sleem. “The other meaning I draw from the phrase is that when it comes to addressing racial inequalities, we stand alongside the players and the Jazz. We are echoing their voices, calling for change in the world.”

The designer couldn’t help but be inspired by his own heritage while working on this project.

“It’s been an honor for me to create a piece that expresses our support for the Jazz during the NBA Playoffs and also as a statement that unifies and amplifies the voices of each individual player’s call to end systemic racism and promote social justice,” said Sleem.

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